Monday, May 27, 2024

The Dream Power Mission

Our Mission is to help people awaken, discover, and live their true purpose in life.

To accomplish this, our mission is threefold:

Understanding the Divine Presence in our lives by doing what we love

First, we want people to understand the power of doing what they truly love.  By doing what they love – their passion, they will AWAKEN to the Divine presence in their lives, a creative, living, conscious energy that inspires from a higher place.  And, by awakening to this divine energy, they will begin to understand the true purpose of their lives.

Finding the Divine purpose for our lives

Secondly, we wish to help people DISCOVER their passion and ‘true purpose’ in life.  We do this by teaching people how to tap into inspiration by doing what they love on a regular basis.   We teach that when this loving energy is allowed to flow freely, it realigns our lives to a higher purpose and a more meaningful direction, guiding us to exactly where we really want to be.  We begin to awaken to who we truly are.  Our old roles fall away as we begin to play more, do what we love, and live a more joyful life.  This journey will ultimately reveal what we really want to do with our lives.  With this realization, we will begin to see a beautiful and perfect dream for our life, a truly divine purpose, and mission, as opposed to the false dreams and ambitions we may have been chasing.  Living in this way, we discover a feeling of peace and serenity that we may not have known before as we discover how we fit into the grand plan to help heal the world.

Living our purpose fully

Lastly, we wish to help people LIVE their dreams fully.  Our goal is to be a support system and to help people stay on course.  We give people plans and strategies to deal with the practicalities of life as they make the shift between their old life and their new-inspired one.  We help people avoid the pitfalls and traps that may befall them along the way.  We assist people as they push through their shadows, inner demons, and fears.  We provide tools and techniques to allow people to reach ever-increasing heights of creativity and inspiration.  And finally, we bring everyone together so they can support each other with their stories, resources, and wisdom.


It is our wish and belief that by helping people awaken to their “Dream Power”, our words for inspired purposeful living, we will help effect positive change in the world by healing its many problems and making it a more creative vibrant place, full of love, light, joy, and inspiration.  


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