Saturday, March 2, 2024
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I Need To Make Some Money!

I need to make some money!

Yeah, like who doesn’t? When people say, “I need to make some money,” this is saying, “How can I make money in this ego mind, playing this game we all play? How can I make money in – The Matrix. ” 

I need to make some money!
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

This is the wrong question. It is a question that stops you from seeing what you are really capable of.   

The real question you need to ask that gets to the heart of who you are, what you are really capable of doing, and why you are here is the question: 

“What can I create with inspiration that I can then share with the world in a way that will make a difference in the world and bring true meaning, joy and abundance into my life?”

This question cuts through class, race, international borders, politics, talent, ability, and all other limiting factors. This question breaks the rules that we have all agreed to follow as a society, and that you and I have been brainwashed to believe are absolute reality.  

See, in the first question, you might have a dialogue that goes something like this: “Well, let’s see, to make money maybe I could teach science because I am good at science and excelled at it in high school. But then they will want some real experience. Hmm… I don’t have that. Well, let’s see, I could go be a clown for the Dunkin’ Donuts on the corner; now that would be fun but my wife would leave me, and my family and friends would ridicule me. Um, let’s see, maybe I could sell real estate; that sounds respectable and you can make lots of money doing that. Oh, I can’t; I have to take a test and that takes time and money…

Boy, I don’t know, I feel so trapped. Maybe I’ll check out that home study course. They had lots of possible new careers for me to choose from…”

Wow! I had a hard time just writing that, and I know we have all had a similar mental struggle about where to take our life.

When you ask the second question, you have a totally different dialogue, and the reason is that you are now dealing in reality and not the fake mental construct of the Matrix. Notice how much of the first dialogue was about keeping up an image, pleasing others and fitting into the mental constructions of others and our society. And by the way, a career or a job is nothing more than the mental creation of someone else. And that is why it feels so limiting. I am not saying you should not get a job and work for someone else; just understand that you have many more options than the jobs that appear before you in the help wanted section. I mean, how was the job created? Someone had an idea for a business and then started it. They then hired people to do the things they either didn’t want to do or couldn’t do, and voila, a job is born!   

Here is the real dialogue:

“Hmm… What can I create with my inspiration that I can then share with the world?  Well let’s see, what do I feel inspired to do? Well, I love to paint and I love to do pottery.” (The doubting voices of the ego still in the limited mental construct of The Matrix society would say at this point, ‘What makes you think you can draw! That last piece you did for fun was horrible, how do you think you could make money doing that!’ Luckily, you are wise enough now to ignore that voice!)

“Yeah, pottery and painting, I could do that all day forever. Well okay, so we know what inspires us: creating, painting, and pottery. But how can we share that with the world?  How can I share my painting and pottery creations with the world? Hmm… Oh, I can think of many ways! I could give classes to the neighborhood kids. I could give classes to the adults. Hey, I could do that this week! I could do an instruction book on how to do some of my favorite pieces. Hmm…how else to share? I could sell my pieces. And if that didn’t work, I could give my pieces away until someone wanted to buy them. I could have a booth at fairs demonstrating pottery and art. 

“Well, I really feel inspired to make coffee mugs with beautiful pieces of art on them. I would love to make those and imagine the looks on people’s faces in the mornings when they wake up to such beautiful art! I could inspire people in the mornings! Okay, we can do that. I even know where I can get some unfinished cups to start. Wow, there are so many ways I can share this! And I could make money too with some of these ideas, like the classes. I can’t wait to start! I think I’ll do some pottery tonight! I need to call Jack so he can help me…”

I need to make some money!
Photo by Ila Bappa Ibrahim

Those were kind of simplistic examples, but do you see how it is a much more real dialogue? See how it was not as fearful, much more full of hope and possibility, and not nearly as limited? It’s not limited because God is unlimited and inspiration is unlimited. Inspiration is like an unfolding tree growing from a seed. The seed becomes a trunk that sprouts branches and each branch sprouts more branches which then sprout their own branches till you have this totally beautiful mosaic of a full-grown tree with all of its variety and splendor. Your life is like that but many of us are like small trees put in straight jackets! We let the mental rules and limited constructs of society fool us into thinking we can only grow this way or that. We don’t realize that we can grow any way we want! We don’t realize that we can create our lives as we live them day-by-day and moment-by-moment. In the above example, who knows where the painting and pottery will lead? In the ego world of The Matrix, the ego has to know how everything is going to turn out before it acts. But with inspiration, we don’t have to know where things are going before we act. With inspiration we are living in a joyous moment, living happily right now, doing what we like right now! We don’t care about a future reward. The reward is now in the current joy of letting our inspiration flow in the moment! The future will be just another one of those joyous moments so we don’t focus on it.  

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are today! Forget the future! All that exists is This Moment; the past is a memory and the future just a thought…


Just a thought.